Killarney Lakes

The lakes in Killarney national park.


Clifton Suspension Bridge

We arrived into a snowy and sunny Bristol. (I know that as you read that sentence some of you are laughing thinking that I think this is snow!) The forecast for the rest of our trip was bad, so we headed straight to the Clifton suspension bridge so that we could take advantage of the best weather.

The bridge was designed by the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and spans the Avon Gorge and the river Avon. We quickly crossed it to get some shots before the light faded.

On the way down we did stop to throw some snowballs because this is probably the only snow we’ll see this winter!

Cathedral Island

Surrounded by the river Oder, Cathedral Island is the origin of Wroclaw city and home to St John the Baptist cathedral and Holy Cross church. To get to the island, you cross a little bridge, which is where you’ll find a place to leave a love lock, if you’re into that.

The area is lit with original gas lamps and a lamplighter lights them at dusk and extinguishes them at dawn, making it a very romantic area to stroll around at this time. There’s also are really cosy tea room right opposite the bridge where you can watch the lamplighter do his thing while staying warm!