Route 66

Since I was a child I had wanted to go on a road trip in the USA. When we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway, it was great, but it wasn’t the little town and open road that I had imagined. Two years later, we decided to drive from LA to Las Vegas along a…

Fog Over Morro

As I wait for the mist to clear here and enjoy the sun that we’ve been promised, I’m reminded of the fog that dominated our first California trip. We had a mix of sun and fog everyday and it came and went suddenly making things quite eery. Morro bay, California.

Beast from the East

As we prepare for the Beast from the East coming from Siberia, I’m looking back at the last big snowfall I experienced in Boston in 2010-2011. From what we’re hearing n the news, I’m expecting scenes like this! Stay warm wherever you are!


Hoodoos in Zion, Utah. Worth the hike!


Nothing like a skull to warn you off a place! Elmer Long’s bottle tree ranch, Route 66.