Pink Sky

We’re still having relatively good weather and lovely sunsets. It’s my busy time at work, so as I head off to bed around 10pm, this is my view!  

Crosshaven Sky

We’ve been back home for a week now, and, to be honest, the weather hasn’t been too bad. We’ve been able to get out and about in the evenings and kind of continue the holiday vibe! Crosshaven on a cloudy/sunny evening results in the best sky photos. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂

Country Walks

The sun has been shining for three days now and I think everyone has been getting out and about to take advantage of it. A walk after work…yes, please! Especially if that walk involves being near a very pretty lake, near your friends house and you can support your brother running a road race all…


Looking forward to nights like this coming soon.

Grand Stretch in the Evenings!

The clocks have gone forward, so official summertime has begun. Time for the favourite Irish saying…There’s a grand stretch in the evenings. Sunset will be later and later from now until the end of June. Roll on long days 🙂