Spring is Trying

With news that there could be more snow next week and low temperatures, it’s nice to see the sun trying to peek through.

Rise and Shine

I’m back to my old routine, so hopefully there will be plenty more shots like this to come! have a lovely Sunday 🙂

Happy New Year

Storm Eleanor swept across the country last night. We didn’t do too badly down here in Cork and we woke up to a lovely sunny day! Hope you all had a lovely break and Happy New Year.

A Cold and Frosty Morning

It’s been cold, frosty and sunny this week and I’M missing my morning sunrises over the port. Here’s one from this time last year.

Good Morning!

Every morning I used to walk to work passing the port. I’m not doing this at the moment and I miss it, especially this week when the sunrises and sunsets were fabulous. Here are some from last winter. Have a lovely Sunday 🙂