Summer Flowers

We are experiencing a little bit of summer here in Ireland and it’s lovely to see the flowers in the sunshine.


We haven’t had time to do much in the garden yet this year, but hopefully we’ll get it sorted out over the next couple of weeks and then we can enjoy some more flowers.

Have a lovely Sunday 🙂


Self Portrait

I’m coming to this week’s challenge topic a little bit late because the weather refused to play along with my idea! The topic this week is self portrait. For more information , check out  From Moments to Memories .

I don’t take pictures of myself, or put pictures of people I know on social media very often, so this was a hard challenge for me. How was I going to get a picture of myself without it being a picture of me?!?!


Simple. Silhouette! Unfortunately, it was wet and dull all week, so I had to wait for some sun yesterday to do it.

Happy Sunday 😉

Sunnier Times

As I write this the rain is pouring down. It’s definitely not the nice September weather that I love. Today’s shot was taken last year when we were lucky enough to return to California. The first time we visited we didn’t get the chance to go to Santa Monica, so that was first on the to-do list last year. I was not disappointed!

Pic 4

We arrived early in the morning and stayed there for the whole day walking around and exploring all the streets and cafes. As it got near the end of the day we knew we had to stay to watch the sunset. It was worth the wait!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂