Summer Sunsets

Summer, you’ve been great. Long evenings, walks and sunsets. But, the temperature has dropped, school is back – autumn is definitely here! Yay! Soon I’ll be back with the sunrise shots…it’s still a little early for me to be up and about for them!

Bridge Views

Walking to work I try to cross as many bridges as possible. There’s always something to see. Monday was a busy morning with boats coming and going. No blue skies, but the buildings are still colourful.

Sunday Hikes

Time to test out the hip and go for a walk in the hills. Ballyhoura hikes and trails.

The Merries at Crosshaven

The Merries for any non-Irish reading, are amusements and rides, maybe something like a fair. Sometimes they are always in the same place, as is the case in Crosshaven. Sometimes they move around. When the sun shines, you get ice cream, go to the beach and in the evening, go to the Merries!


A nice long walk, maybe a picnic or a coffee, you can even have a surf and sauna. Garretstown has something for everyone!