We had rain!!! Finally, yesterday we had some drizzle throughout the day. It was enough to perk the flowers up a bit, but not enough to do anything to fix the grass which has now turned into straw. My parents’ garden is much nicer than ours, so these flowers are there and not in our…

After the Beach

What more could you want after a day on the beach than yummy fish and chips! The queue was long, but it didn’t matter when this was the view. Crosshaven, Cork  


I finally got my swim in on Sunday in Myrtleville.  We went in the evening and it was so hot, the road was melting. I nearly lost a flip flop! The beach was packed, so it was difficult to get a sea shot with no-one in it. Hope you’re all enjoying the summer sun 🙂


A beautiful way to end a beautiful day. Kenmare pier, Kerry.