November is a great month for sunrises and sunsets, as I’ve said before. This one is from Drake’s Pool, Crosshaven.



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Cathedral Island

Surrounded by the river Oder, Cathedral Island is the origin of Wroclaw city and home to St John the Baptist cathedral and Holy Cross church. To get to the island, you cross a little bridge, which is where you’ll find a place to leave a love lock, if you’re into that.

The area is lit with original gas lamps and a lamplighter lights them at dusk and extinguishes them at dawn, making it a very romantic area to stroll around at this time. There’s also are really cosy tea room right opposite the bridge where you can watch the lamplighter do his thing while staying warm!

Wroclaw from Above

For mid-term we went to Wroclaw in Poland. We picked it for a few reasons – we could fly direct from Cork (not many options there), it has plenty to do, we have friends there, and, of course, food and drink 🙂

The weather wasn’t great while we were there, but that made for moody photographs. Here are some from the top of the university.

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Summer in a Nutshell

Between starting a new job, getting used to a crazy schedule and trying to meet up with people I used to see everyday, taking photos and blogging has fallen down my priority list, unfortunately. I’ve been quite lucky that my random days off have been sunny so I’ve been making the most of the summer. Here’s a little catch up post.

My days off have consisted of enjoying city views and street festivals, walks by the sea and sorting out the garden. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer 🙂

Sunny Shandon

On Saturday the Shandon Street Festival was on. They were lucky-the sun shone. So much so that the organisers had to find shade to bring into the park because people were hiding next to the walls to get out of the sun. I had a nice spot under a tree so I could enjoy my lunch and the music.


One great thing about the festival was that we could go up to the top of Shandon Church and ring the bells. Now, you can always do this, but it closes at 3pm. The last time I tried to go, it was 3.30pm, so too late. Anyway, we got to fill the Cork air with a choppy version of Ode to Joy!