Far Away

Sometimes in Ireland sunshine seems so far away. We had a lovely few days, but the rain is back again now. Here’s the sunrise from yesterday. It was slightly foggy and the sun just hung there for a moment. Follow the challenge on From Moments to Memories.  

Wide Angle

The weather this week definitely hampered any thoughts I had for getting out and about to take wide-angled shots for this week’s challenge topic on From Moments to Memories. So, I’m going with an old reliable port shot. I’m lucky enough to pass by here every morning on the way to work and there’s always…

Snapshots from Paris

As I said last week, we were in Paris for the new year and it was really cold and foggy. As a result I didn’t take too many photos-taking gloves off to take a foggy shot wasn’t high on my priority list! Anyhow, here are a few iconic Paris shots 🙂

Autumn Mornings

As I’ve said before, this autumn has been good. We’ve had amazing sunrises and sunsets, which are some of my favourite things to take photos of! The colours of the sky this morning reminded me of some old paintings I’ve seen in local galleries. This particular morning I took a different route to work and…

Sunny London

Back from busy London. Here are a few sunny shots!