Mount Manganui

This is the winter I want! 19 degrees and t-shirt weather 🙂

July. Tauranga, New Zealand.


Winter Wonderland

Winter is here. It’s cold, but lovely and sunny. Some places have had the first snow already. Luckily here in Cork we don’t get a whole lot of snow because I really can’t handle driving in it!


It was winter when we visited New Zealand, so there was plenty of snow around. We had lessons in putting on snow chains, but we didn’t have to use them-I was too chicken to drive in the mountains! I did like looking at them and taking photos though!

Te Anau, sunset.

Mount Manganui

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I love New Zealand! Our trip there was amazing 🙂


Mount Manganui in Tauranga was really special for us. It’s where I used to have some family and I was able to see their house. From their house, we could see Mount Manganui and the next day we had glorious sunshine. We could paddle in the Pacific and hiked up the volcano. Seeing as this was “winter”, we were pretty pleased!