Top of the Rock

In my last post I showed you a photo from our recent hiking trip to the Burren, Co. Clare. We made it to the top of the rock. It was a difficult hike for me. I’m used to forest routes, not rocky ones. It was worth the trek though to see this and to enjoy…

Escaping It All

When you need to get away, you might as well get away to a totally different landscape. The Burren, Co Clare, a karst limestone national park. It’s a bit different from the green or the sea!


Even if the weather isn’t so good, the landscape in Kerry always looks pretty! Photo taken outside Kenmare on the road to Killarney, Co Kerry

A Slice of Ireland

If you’re looking for the stereotypical image of Ireland, it would probably look something like this, which was taken in West Cork. It has a lot of green, maybe not 40 shades, but quite a few! It has cows. It has a little cottage. It has hills and it has sea. It is the kind…

The Burren

The Burren in Co Clare is a karst landscape of limestone rock. I have only really been here once, although I’ve driven through the area many times. There are many different hiking trails there, mixed with little colourful villages. Have a lovely weekend 🙂