After a rainy and windy walk to the beach, we had to stop on the way back because the sun came out just in time for sunset. Typical! Recently I’ve had some big changes in my life. I left my job and got a new one. Getting used to a completely different schedule and career…

Out to Sea

June has started with some nice weather, although you never know when it’s going to change so you need to be prepared when going for a walk! Yesterday, as the sky was blue we decided on a short walk to Blackrock Castle, maybe do a little wedding spying (we were in luck!) As we were…

Sunny Days

It’s the Friday of a long weekend and the sun is shining! Time to get to a beer garden or have a bbq. The city looks lovely in the sun! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Beach Days

Wishing I could head off to the beach today and chill! Things are busy 🙂 Garretstown, Cork.