To finish off March, my green month, here’s a shot of some peppers we grew the first year we started growing vegetables. That year the garden was fabulous and we grew so much…it hasn’t been the same since.

St Patrick’s Weekend!

Happy St Patrick’s Weekend! This year we’re very lucky that 17th fell on a Friday, so we have 3 days to celebrate! This post is especially for Nicole over on Just Live It. I think some people in other countries have an image of what it’s like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, so I decided…


I’ve been a bit spoilt for choice with the theme for this week’s challenge. I spent the whole week looking for the perfect green shot. There’s just so much green everywhere, I couldn’t decide what to do! We are the Emerald Isle and the colour dominates the place. If you’re in the countryside, it’s the…

A Touch of Frost

We’re a week out from the big day, so here’s some more green to see us through. Thankfully the temperatures have risen since I took this photo and we haven’t had frost for a week or so. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Green Reflections

As it’s now March, I can start with a host of green posts to celebrate the month of St Patrick’s Day! First up is Lynn Canyon park, Vancouver. It’s never ending green.