I got to the challenge photo a little late this week.


The topic is bloom and here is the flower from the bodhi tree in Chiang Mai. It’s also known as the Buddha tree because it is under one of these trees that Buddha is said to have got his enlightenment.

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I’m back! Our trip to Thailand was fantastic-be prepared for quite a few Thailand posts over the next little while! I’m starting off with a challenge post because the theme of water is perfect for me seeing as I spent the last week next to the most amazing sea.


Chaweng beach, Koh Samui. I walked along here a few times a day looking for shells and watching the people go about their daily activities. It’s a busy beach.

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Black and White

This week is a little bitter-sweet for me. It’s my last week working in the job I’ve had for 15 years, which means it would be my last week walking into town in the mornings. I love my walk into work. I go past the port and the river and there’s always something going on. Many of my photos here and on Instagram are from those morning walks. So, I decided for this week’s theme of Black and White to do a port shot.

black and white

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I’ve been a bit spoilt for choice with the theme for this week’s challenge. I spent the whole week looking for the perfect green shot. There’s just so much green everywhere, I couldn’t decide what to do! We are the Emerald Isle and the colour dominates the place. If you’re in the countryside, it’s the nature. If you’re in towns and cities, it’s visible on road signs, post boxes, shop fronts, flags…you name it, it’s green! Especially this week seeing as St Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.


I spotted this little guy in the middle of the fountain in the English Market today as I was strolling through. You never know where a leprechaun is going to pop up!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day 🙂


I’m constantly giving them away and trying to reduce the number of them in the house, but no matter how many I get rid of, the amount of them always seems to grow, which makes this week’s challenge theme of Books so easy! To join in the 52 week challenge, check out From Moments to Memories.


The books that I’ll never get rid of are travel books. They might go out of date, but they are reminders of where I’ve been. I like to make notes and stick post-its in them, as you can see! You can also clearly see I’m partial to one publisher when it come to guide books 😉 They are usually in alphabetical order, but get moved around when we’re planning trips (or when friends come to visit and want to look at them!) I hope to keep this collection going for the rest of my life.