Good Timing

Sometimes you go out to catch a sunset. Sometimes you’re just out and about anyway!

Crosshaven, Co Cork


Whale Watching

During the summer we decided to go on a whale watching trip. We had been meaning to go for a while since going on a whale-less trip in California! We headed down to Baltimore very early in the morning. We booked a 9.30am tour with Whale Watch West Cork  It was a lovely sunny day, so the drive was pretty.

Everything went perfectly. We arrived in plenty of time and found where to get the boat. We had a quick safety talk and got going. Pretty soon we were out at sea following families of dolphins playing in the water. A couple of us were very lucky to see a leatherback turtle for about 5 seconds. After the exciting start, people were starting to think that we wouldn’t see anything else when we spotted something and came upon a pod of minke whales. It was incredible! I was too busy watching to take any “good” shots. I didn’t want to miss everything by looking through the lens the whole time.

We had a quick lunch stop on Cape Clear island and then followed more dolphins back to Baltimore.

It was a fantastic day and I highly recommend the trip if you’re ever in the area and looking for something to do.