Harbour Walks

Monday was a public holiday for St Patrick’s Day and we had planned a long walk for the afternoon.

It might look sunny, but it was freezing and we had a lovely wind coming straight into our faces for the last mile. I was very happy to get back to the car! Can’t wait for spring!


Golden Hour

So those five months have flown by! It’s my favourite time of year, the days are getting shorter which means lovely sunsets at a time when I’m out and about. Cork is still clearing away storm damage, but looks good at this time.

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Marina and Tivoli docks, St Finbarr’s Cathedral and The Lough.


Out to Sea

June has started with some nice weather, although you never know when it’s going to change so you need to be prepared when going for a walk! Yesterday, as the sky was blue we decided on a short walk to Blackrock Castle, maybe do a little wedding spying (we were in luck!)

As we were leaving, I wanted to take a shot of the castle with a nice blue sky. I was just about to take it when the shot when the bow of a ship appeared!

pic 8

I think this makes a change to my usual shots of Blackrock Castle and adds a bit of colour!