Just because we still have nice, sunny weather and I’m crazy busy, I’m sticking with a beach shot!

pic 24

This was the 1st May, start of summer! Yes, people are sunbathing and swimming and yes, it is Ireland!

Fountainstown, Cork



I work on the Celtic calendar. It makes sense to. We live on an island in the north of Europe and we do not have the same seasons as the south. So, for me, it’s summer now! May arrived and the sun came with it…for now. This is probably our one week of summer. Get out and make the most of it!


View over Myrtleville.

Dreaming of Dubrovnik

Today is the first of my “away” posts and we’re off to Dubrovnik. Croatia was a country I’d been dreaming of going to since I was a child because my mum had a little national doll from the former Yugoslavia and I loved it. We finally went to Croatia and Montenegro in June and I’m in love! I’m already trying to see where we can fit in another trip!

We started with a few days in Dubrovnik and then went to Korcula island. Today’s shot is from the walls of Dubrovnik.

Pic 2

The water was amazing. I loved the colours. Even though we had some wet days there, it didn’t matter. We saw some spectacular lightning, which I loved. Can’t wait to go back!

Happy Tuesday 🙂