Fun in the Sun

Having spent the first part of the day covered in coastal cloud and mist, we decided to head a tiny bit inland. What a difference it made. Gone was the cold wind and clouds. Here we had a blue sky. Castlemartyr Resort, Cork

Churches and Blue Skies

Well the sun came and went. Luckily I did have time to get out and about for a few walks. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying sitting outside cafes, or having a drink in a beer garden. You could smell bar-be-ques getting their first outing of the year all around the place. There’s something…

Cloud Patterns

We have sun people!!!! I almost don’t know what to do with the blue sky and wispy clouds!

After the Storm

The beast from the East and Storm Emma passed by and in a few days, the majority of the snow was gone. This time my afternoon walk was easier. I didn’t have to trudge through practically knee-high snow to get into the village. And, the daffodils survived!

Summer in a Nutshell

Between starting a new job, getting used to a crazy schedule and trying to meet up with people I used to see everyday, taking photos and blogging has fallen down my priority list, unfortunately. I’ve been quite lucky that my random days off have been sunny so I’ve been making the most of the summer….