Purple Skies

We had an amazing sunset yesterday. My Instagram feed was full of purple, pink and orange skies, similar to this one. This morning we woke up to our first dusting of snow this year. Of course it’s long gone now and we have a lovely sunny day 🙂

sunset 2



Wroclaw from Above

For mid-term we went to Wroclaw in Poland. We picked it for a few reasons – we could fly direct from Cork (not many options there), it has plenty to do, we have friends there, and, of course, food and drink 🙂

The weather wasn’t great while we were there, but that made for moody photographs. Here are some from the top of the university.

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Summer in a Nutshell

Between starting a new job, getting used to a crazy schedule and trying to meet up with people I used to see everyday, taking photos and blogging has fallen down my priority list, unfortunately. I’ve been quite lucky that my random days off have been sunny so I’ve been making the most of the summer. Here’s a little catch up post.

My days off have consisted of enjoying city views and street festivals, walks by the sea and sorting out the garden. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer 🙂