St Patrick’s Weekend!

Happy St Patrick’s Weekend! This year we’re very lucky that 17th fell on a Friday, so we have 3 days to celebrate! This post is especially for Nicole over on Just Live It. I think some people in other countries have an image of what it’s like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, so I decided to show what it’s like as an Irish person in Ireland.

I really believe that it’s more important if you’re Irish abroad. It’s a chance to be proud of your nationality and meet up with others. When I lived in Italy I made a big effort to make little bags of green, white and orange sweets to give to my classes. For me here, it’s a nice day off to catch up with friends. I don’t have green decorations in my house or wear a leprechaun hat or go to a parade.

So here are a few photos of my day yesterday. We started off  by taking advantage of the dry morning with a nice walk in the woods looking for fairy doors (we were lucky in Cork that the rain stayed away). This was followed up by a traditional breakfast. Some people prefer mushrooms or tomatoes with their fry, but I’m a beans person all the way.

With full bellies it was off to the pub to catch up with friends, drink proper beer and bet on the Gold Cup! A great day was had by all.

I did wear green for the day and I was lucky 🙂

After that it was off home to watch some rugby. Unfortunately the under-20s and the women lost their matches, so today’s match is all for pride.


Source: Irish Rugby

I’ll be shouting loudly for the Boys in Green today.

And so I’ll just leave you with a final message from Dublin Airport…..




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  1. Nicole says:

    YAY, loved this post!! 🙂 It was fun to see how St. Patrick’s Day is really celebrated in Ireland (without all the American commercialism). 😉 I’m so glad you had a great day!!

    1. livvy30 says:

      We did! And I’m glad your dinner worked out 😉

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