Lanzarote National Park

Driving on the “wrong” side of the road for the first time, for me, was difficult. For some reason I returned to my learner driver days. The car cut out and I couldn’t change the gears without doing some serious damage to the gear box!

Luckily we were in Lanzarote which is prepared for tourists to be driving. It has low speed limits and very clear signs. Also the island is quite small, so very easy to get around.


Once you enter Timanfaya National Park, this is what you face. There is just one windy road through the volcanic landscape. There are camel rides, if that’s what you’re into, and a restaurant that cooks meat over volcanic steam! Some of the beaches have black sand and there are emerald green lakes. This was my first volcano experience, so we stopped to look at everything!

I’m very glad we had out first left-hand driving experience here because since then we have rented cars in many places and had lots of adventures.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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