It’s Baltic!!!!

First off, a little language note. In Cork, (not sure about the rest of Ireland), saying that “It’s Baltic” means that it’s freezing cold. So, when we were in Riga we really wanted to go to the beach at Jurmala to literally and figuratively say that it was Baltic!

We took the train to Majori and walked along the main street to Dzintari. The main architecture in this area is very pretty. It’s all old wooden buildings. Very beachy. At this time of the year it was quiet and a lot of the shops were closed. There were also a lot of little huts that I imagine are market stalls in the high summer season.

It was a perfect autumn day when we went there and the colours of the trees against the colours of the buildings were lovely. It’s also full of cats, which I loved! We did see a stereotypical Bond villain sitting outside a cafe stroking a cat!

After checking out the main street, and deciding where we would have lunch later on in the day, we turned onto the beach. And it was cold. It was the wind that made it cold rather than the temperature. I was very glad of my hat and scarf.

The beach went on and on and it was lined with hotels (when they say beach front hotel, they really mean it), but after a while we decided to get back into the town and warm up a bit.

I would love to go back and visit when more shops are open, but not when it’s too crowded with tourists.


9 thoughts on “It’s Baltic!!!!

  1. Years ago, our daughter got her “Baltic” and “tropic” confused. On a very warm Irish day she was heard to be complaining that it was Baltic… we forgave her, blond moment!! πŸ˜‰

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