New York, New York

My obsession with the USA started as a child and one of the first images of The USA I had was of New York city’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty. It’s also the first glimpse of the city I got the first time I travelled there. Going down to the financial district and getting the Staten Island ferry is a great way to see both.

Of course there are plenty of other iconic places to visit around the city and great food to be sampled in each neighbourhood!

As we all know the skyline and architecture have changed a lot over the years and I never saw the Twin Towers as I’ve only travelled there post 2001. The last time I was there construction was ongoing on One World Trade Center.

If you’re getting tired of the concrete jungle, Central Park will make you feel as if you’re far away from a huge city. If it’s not too cold, have a picnic there!

Lastly, I have to stop off at my favourite store, M&M’s World! You can’t get peanut butter M&M’s here (well, without paying a ridiculous price in a shop that imports them) so I always stock up while I’m there.

Can’t wait to go back!


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  1. One of my post related to the big apple is “New York, New York” . I thought to Liza Minelli’ s song when I wrote my first post related to my trip in America. Have a look at it. I love your photos. Ciaoo

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