Dublin Zoo

I’ve never been a massive fan of zoos, aquariums or other animal parks, and have been traumatised by some, but in recent years the RTE show The Zoo has changed my mind a little bit. The show is set in Dublin Zoo and shows the work that is done there in terms of breeding programmes and conservation awareness. You might think of it as a giant ad for the zoo, and it may well be, but anyway, it made me want to visit.

Set in the Phoenix Park, one of the largest parks in Europe, Dublin Zoo has plenty to keep children and adults occupied. We spent about 5 hours there checking out all the animals and farm, reptile and insect areas. We revisited a lot of areas and spent a lot of time looking at the elephants (my favourites!)

We didn’t get to see all the animals because some of them were sleeping or roaming around a different part of their enclosure and we could see their tails and that was it. That was a little disappointing but also good-it means they have a lot of space and aren’t forced to perform for onlookers.

Overall, it was a really good day. I’m never going to love the idea of zoos and I probably wouldn’t visit one somewhere else unless I knew the animals were treated well, but I can recommend Dublin Zoo as a place to visit. Also the Phoenix Park is a lovely place to visit and there’s plenty to do there.


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  1. James Scott says:

    Cool post

  2. aj vosse says:

    We visited the zoo many years ago when our kids were young. I wanted to show them real animals from Africa but alas, as you say, you’re not fond of zoos, I came away with a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    Yes, I know zoos do good work but if you’re from Africa and have seen the animals in the wild then it hurts to visit the zoo.

    Don’t get me wrong… I love Phoenix Park and go as often as possible but I steer well clear of the zoo… 😉

    1. livvy30 says:

      I can imagine if you’ve seen those animals in the wild the zoo is seriously lacking and a reminder of the freedom they don’t have.

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