Yesterday was much too packed to blog, so my Weekend Wishes section this week got lost! If you’ve been reading them over the past couple of months, you’ll have noticed a reference or two to rugby. If I had blogged yesterday, it would have been full of wishes for Ireland to win the Six Nations.

It was the most thrilling day of rugby. It came down to three matches, with four teams having the possibility to win. Calculators were definitely needed to work out the points’ difference.

First up was Italy v Wales. Wales won with a score of 61-20, putting them in the lead for the time being. Then it was our turn to face Scotland. We won by 30 points, putting us in the lead with one more match to play. But, was it going to be enough? England would have to beat France by 26 points. They could do that. The match went back and forth down to the last seconds. I was watching from behind my hands as the game went into the 81st minute. Eventually, the scoreline of 55-35 wasn’t enough for England to do it.

And then we could start celebrating the back to back championships!!!!


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and apologies to any readers in any of the five other countries mentioned above! All we need is for the women to win today and we have a double. 🙂


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  1. says:

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd and commented:
    Well done another silver cup with the green and white ribbons on it !

  2. perfectlight says:

    i think you posted a bit too early instead of waiting for ladies triumph today 😉

    1. livvy30 says:

      I’ll give them a post all to themselves!

      1. perfectlight says:

        that’s not a bad idea, i’ll do that right now 😉

  3. Extraordinary Super Saturday!! I was on the edge of my seat all afternoon. England made a few too many errors and gave away some crucial penalties in the end. Cracking games, all of them!

    1. livvy30 says:

      It was a great day for the sport. Roll on the World Cup!

      1. Absolutely 🙂 I just wish I could have afforded to go see the World Cup live!!!

  4. Sadly I was up a mountain and did not get to watch any of the games, but I am over the moon with the results. Both the ladies and gents did me proud. Roll on the RWC2015.

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