St Patrick’s Day Greetings

Happy St Patrick’s Day! It’s been a cold and stormy March so far. The unpredictable weather was very apparent a couple of weekends ago when we were in Kenmare for the Quest adventure race. There was torrential rain and wind that made cycling almost impossible and when the rain finally stopped and the clouds moved…

Wedding Countdown!

Four weeks to go!!!! 🙂 Things have been crazy busy between the wedding planning, travelling and work. I am trying to relax and looking forward to this long weekend to do that….thank you St Patrick’s Day!

Snow Day

Woke up to snow and a looong bus wait and journey 🙂

Blood Moon

We had a blood moon the other day and it resulted in a fabulous, but very short lived sunrise.

Saturday Morning Walk

The weather has got chilly. On Saturday morning we had to go to the university to meet with our photographer and it was co-old! The place did look lovely though.

Cold and Frosty Morning

There’s definitely been a temperature drop, but with that comes sunshine! Happy Weekend 🙂

Very Good Morning

When you have a morning like this, you know it’s going to be a very, very good day 🙂

Evening Stroll

Evening stroll through Fitzgerald’s Park and along the river, crossing the Shaky Bridge of course!


It was brief and gone again today, but yesterday we finally had a blue sky 🙂