Weekend Wishes

This week has been hard. It seems that two weeks off has completely ruined whatever bit of a healthy routine I had going. Also the 8 hour time difference has wrecked my sleeping pattern. Jet lag has hit…big time.



I always follow these tips and it usually it just takes me one or two days to get over it, but this time it’s lasted all week. I’m hoping the weekend will sort it out.

Because of the lack of sleep, the desire to cook healthily after work is low! I’m hoping to try some of these recipes this week.



Of course, if I can’t manage to cook properly, exercise has well and truly been abandoned. However, I should be able to work these exercises into my schedule next week….fingers crossed!



So, this is my message for jet lag….



I aim to have things back to normal asap. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Have a lovely weekend :-)

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You might be doing a double take and wondering if you clicked the wrong post, but no, I have decided to name this post the same as yesterday’s one because the women’s rugby team also won their Six Nations Championship yesterday.¬†Like the men’s it came down to the last day and Ireland needed to win by 27 points to beat France. They did it in spectacular fashion with a 73-3 win over Scotland, winning the championship for the 2nd time in 3 years.

Jackie Sheilds, Sophie Spence, Larissa Muldoon, Claire Molloy and Sarah Mimnagh celebrate 22/3/2015

I think it’s safe to say rugby is alive and well here! :-)


Yesterday was much too packed to blog, so my Weekend Wishes section this week got lost! If you’ve been reading them over the past couple of months, you’ll have noticed a reference or two to rugby. If I had blogged yesterday, it would have been full of wishes for Ireland to win the Six Nations.

It was the most thrilling day of rugby. It came down to three matches, with four teams having the possibility to win. Calculators were definitely needed to work out the points’ difference.

First up was Italy v Wales. Wales¬†won with a score of 61-20, putting them in the lead for the time being. Then it was our turn to face Scotland. We won by 30 points, putting us in the lead with one more match to play. But, was it going to be enough? England would have to beat France by 26 points. They could do that. The match went back and forth down to the last seconds. I was watching from behind my hands as the game went into the 81st minute. Eventually, the scoreline of 55-35 wasn’t enough for England to do it.

And then we could start celebrating the back to back championships!!!!


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and apologies to any readers in any of the five other countries mentioned above! All we need is for the women to win today and we have a double. :-)

Phoneography and Non-DSLR Challenge: Black and White

After my week of black and white last week, I’m back to my favourite monochrome theme for Sally’s Challenge this week. Clcik the link to see her lovely photos and to join in.

Here are some I took along Dublin’s canal at the weekend.

Photos taken with iPhone 5S and edited with Snapseed.

Weekend Wishes

One of my wishes is coming true this weekend! We’re heading off to see one of our favourite bands, The Parlotones. We haven’t seen them since 2007 and they rarely make it to this part of the world. So, you can imagine the excitement levels are high!

Luckily, the sun has come out to make the drive very pretty.



Seeing as it’s the St Patrick’s Day weekend, and we’ll be in Temple Bar, I’m sure the atmosphere will be great.



So for anyone looking for some good music for the weekend, have a listen to the Parlotones.





Besides this, we have Wales v Ireland in a crucial 6 Nations match. It’s gonna be a good weekend! :-)

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