Sunny Singapore

The weather has turned cold here, which has lead to my usual sore throat, loss of voice, chesty cough combo! It’s at times like these that I usually start planning an escape to the sun. There are definitely a few plans knocking around and we might have narrowed down a continent!

Our one and only Asian visit was a few days in Singapore on the way to New Zealand.

I had mixed feelings about it. I loved the city, architecture, mix of cultures, food….in fact, I loved most of it. However, the massive drawback for me is the heat and humidity, and the mosquitoes!


Of course, air conditioning and lovely buildings like the Marina Bay Sands make it easier.

Taking a Break in Turkey

A few years ago I had a great holiday with my Mum in Turkey. She had been a few times, but it was my first visit. 

I especially loved how all the shop owners got on together, like a real community. 

Cafe owners would bring tea or coffee around to everyone and then the glasses or cups were left outside to be collected again. If it were here, there would definitely be broken glasses!

Have a lovely weekend🙂

Mount Manganui

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I love New Zealand! Our trip there was amazing🙂


Mount Manganui in Tauranga was really special for us. It’s where I used to have some family and I was able to see their house. From their house, we could see Mount Manganui and the next day we had glorious sunshine. We could paddle in the Pacific and hiked up the volcano. Seeing as this was “winter”, we were pretty pleased!