Central Park

First stop in New York was Central Park, which has a special place in our hearts as we got engaged there, and the autumn colours didn’t disappoint. After Washington, where the weather had been cold and wet, we were completely unprepared for the 21 degrees and sunshine we got in New York. It made walking…

Autumn Colours in Georgetown

Having done all the museums and monuments that we had wanted, we had one day left to check out some neighbourhoods. We chose Georgetown and weren’t disappointed. All the houses were decorated for Hallow’een and the trees were perfect.

The Tidal Basin and Potomac Park

Finishing up our monuments walk we went around the tidal basin to the Martin Luther King Jr, Roosevelt and Jefferson Memorials, ending up back at the Washington Monument and Capitol Building.

Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials

I knew I would tear up at these two memorials. I always do feel emotional around war memorials, even if they have nothing to do with me personally or my country. There’s just something emotional about seeing a long list of names of people who died and possibly seeing family members there too.

WW2 Memorial to Lincoln Memorial

We had very changeable weather on our walk around the monuments in Washington, as you will see from the photos in the upcoming posts. It is a long walk, but well worth seeing all the landmarks that I’ve seen time and time again while watching the West Wing!