Winter Continues

The temperature today is a balmy 3 degrees! We had some more snow, but luckily it didn’t tick around down here. We usually have some nice beach walks at this time of the year.

This year it’s cold!


Snow Day 2

As the snow continued to fall, all we could do was go for walks because everything shut down. Luckily, we had bought enough supplies and didn’t fall victim to the great bread shortage of 2018!!!! We did go out every day, even though some days were more unpleasant than others.

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Everyone else was on foot too, so we got to meet lots of our neighbours, which was nice. And still the snow kept falling…..

Snow Day 1

Wednesday was the first snow day I’ve had in my life and while I’m not a fan of extreme weather, I did enjoy the first day because we didn’t have to go anywhere. So, we made a snowman, threw snowballs, made snow angels and went for walks with neighbours because none of us could drive anywhere. The sun shone and it was lovely.

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It was the most snow I had seen in my life…..until it continued 🙂